Rescue & Rehab Manual

Historic Theatre Rescue, Restoration, Rehabilitation & Adaptive Reuse Manual

This learning tool will help you, and those you want for helpers, understand the process of reenergizing a historic theatre. The manual contains a series of short articles, each of which may be read, printed, and shared at meetings.

What Do You Want To Do?

  • Reinvigorate our community with the help of a historic theatre
  • Save a historic theatre from demolition
  • Decide whether to build a new theatre or restore an old one
  • Operate an older theatre, maybe restore it someday

The League is a professional network dedicated to sustaining America's historic theatres for the benefit of their communities and future generations. Made up of representatives of more than 300 historic theatres and hundreds of other experts in the field, the League's membership is concerned with the tools, techniques and technologies of sustaining historic theatres at the center of their communities. By focusing on sustaining operating theatres, the League is better able to strengthen the field and assist emerging theatres that are just beginning their journey toward revitalization.

While the League's "Rescue & Rehab Manual" is available to everyone who needs basic information, we encourage you to become a member of the League to access the full complement of valuable resources. Our network of theatre practitioners has extensive knowledge, experience and wisdom. The League facilitates information exchange among members and direct peer interaction through a cutting-edge online community and an annual conference, as well as many "on-demand" online resources.

More about LHAT Membership

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