Peer Advisory Review (PAR) Program

Peer Advisory Review (PAR) Program

Peer Advisory Review (PAR) is a benefit available to LHAT members at the THEATRE LEVEL ONLY.

PAR is one of the most useful services LHAT offers. Through PAR, the LHAT Staff assists LHAT's theatre members with specific, definable issues encountered in the restoration and operation of historic theatres. PAR matches qualified professionals with historic theatres in order to:

  • Help define the theatre member's issues
  • Recommend possible solutions, and
  • Suggest strategies for dealing with a wider range of issues than can be covered by this program that will assist current or aspiring theatre owners and operators in their quest to sustain a historic theatre for the benefit of its community and future generations.

The purpose of the PAR Program is to offer information and expertise sharply focused upon a problem or issue of limited scope and close definition through interaction with experienced professionals. The PAR Program does not replace formal consulting relationships. It does help the theatre member move its project forward to a level where it can make informed decisions regarding the future of the theatre.

Members click here for more detailed information on the PAR Program and to download PAR Program guidelines, theatre responsibilities, a sample application form and a sample agreement.

If you are an LHAT Allied Member interested in volunteering as an adviser for the PAR Program, please contact us to let us know your field of expertise and interest.

*Historic Talladega Ritz Theatre, Talladega, AL