Allied Membership

Allied Membership

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Allied membership is for service providers, suppliers, vendors and artist representatives, as well as municipalities and other organizations (downtown development agencies, arts councils, nonprofit preservation orgs), that are not directly responsible for operating a historic theatre but support the League's mission and help sustain historic theatres through services and products they offer, similar missions, etc.

Updated 10.17.2022

2022 Dues based on Organization Staff / Board Size

Memberships are for a single organization. Individuals or entities representing multiple companies must secure a membership for each entity that wishes to interface with member theatres.

Level 1: Organizations with 21+ staff/board $1,250/year
Level 2: Organizations with 11-20 staff/board $850
Level 3: Organizations with 1-10 staff/board $600
Please note...
  • Through December 31, 2022: NEW membership terms begin immediately and end December 31, 2023. Subsequent membership terms will align with our January - December renewal cycle.
  • Through December 31, 2022: RENEWING membership terms will begin January 01, 2023 and end December 31, 2023.

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