Updated 07.14.2022

The LHAT-CHAT NETWORK, a cutting edge, customized online community available to LHAT Theatre and Allied members.

"The CHAT" is a source of innovative ideas on a seemingly endless array of issues historic theatres face on a daily basis. LHAT members say having access to the information they gain from talking directly with their peers is worth the price of membership alone!

The LHAT-CHAT Network includes:

  • A general discussion forum
  • Email notifications and content alerts
  • Resource libraries
  • Content rating
  • Advanced search engines, and more!

JOIN LHAT to participate in discussions among the leaders of our field!

From Here Members Can...

More About the CHAT

Through years of developing and evaluating member programs and benefits, LHAT has learned that "one size does not fit all" when it comes to serving our diverse membership. There are key issues that interest all of our members; however, distinct issues exist that are critical to different segments within the membership as well.

The LHAT-CHAT allows Theatre and Allied members to communicate with each other to offer support and advice on a regular basis. It also allows members to identify their own specific areas of interest and expertise and theatre-related demographics.

The LHAT-CHAT, similar to social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, gives members the power to share their experiences and knowledge with their peers. It allows members to participate in discussions, to share documents and to save, rank and recommend all types of web-based resources.

The Top 10 Reasons To Love the LHAT-CHAT Network

10. Put a face with a name!

Every member has a personalized profile in the LHAT-CHAT. The profile includes the options to upload a photo and include other information about themselves and their theatres. How much you share is up to you.

9. Easily search for other LHAT members who are like you.

By completing the profile, the LHAT-CHAT will automatically be able to identify others who are like you so you can more easily connect to share information/advice specific to your needs.

8. YOU make all the decisions about how you want to participate.

Decide how you want to receive LHAT-CHAT postings. Also decide how much of your information you want other members to be able to see. It's completely customizable to accommodate your comfort level and privacy preferences.

7. Upload almost any kind of resource into the CHAT's Resource Library.

Members can upload Word, Excel, PDF, photograph and video files to the library, no message requred, just log in and upload.

6. Bookmark the resources in the library that you find most useful.

Add resources to your "Favorites" and then those resources will be readily available to you without having to perform a search.

5. You don't have to remember multiple passwords and usernames.

All members have a single login to access all online LHAT resources.

4. Follow conversations more easily.

The LHAT-CHAT offers very clear options for replying to posts and a “View this Thread” option so you can see the whole conversation from beginning to end.

3. You won't have to read the same questions over and over again.

The LHAT-CHAT has a robust search engine and allows you to assign tags to documents and posts, members will be able to search first for what they're seeking before posting questions that have been asked and answered before.

2. The LHAT-CHAT is the easiest way to connect with other LHAT members.

Members say the LHAT-CHAT is the #1 resource for people working to rescue, restore, operate and sustain historic theatres -- that having access to their peers in the field is worth the price of membership alone.

And the number one reason you will love the LHAT-CHAT Network...

1. It makes networking easier and helps you do your job better!