Why You Should Join LHAT

Why You Should Join the League of Historic American Theatres

Why should you join the League?

We make sure you don't have to reinvent the wheel, saving you time and money.

Join our national network of theatre practitioners who have extensive knowledge and wisdom because they are working in communities all over North America to rescue, restore, and keep their theatres operating.

Learn strategies to help you solve problems and find goods and services designed specifically for historic theatres.

Get access the tools, techniques and technologies you need to sustain your theatre and to thrive at the center of your community.

Historic theatres are successful survivors. Their managements constantly adapt programming, operations and facilities to remain relevant to communities who embrace them. Join now to learn how to improve your historic theatre, your businesses, and your community.

The nation's number one online theatre reference service — the LHAT-CHAT Network online community Similar to Facebook and Linked In, the CHAT has been customized for LHAT members and is unsurpassed as a source of innovative ideas on a seemingly endless array of issues historic theatres face on a daily basis. Experts in the field stand ready to share their knowledge and experience with their fellow members on a wide range of topics that is limited only by your imagination.

LHAT's professional network is rich in seasoned executive leadership as well as other professional staff. Most every area of venue operations is represented in the membership; program, marketing, finance, development, production, and facility personnel are actively involved. Board members, especially from theatres in the restoration phase, will also find membership in the League an unsurpassed value.

Whether your grand opening is still a dream or you've been providing service to your community for decades, the League is here to help you reach your goals.

In addition to venue staff, the League's membership roster is filled with the world's most renowned planning consultants, architects, engineers, acousticians, restoration specialists, service providers, and equipment suppliers. An up-to-date membership directory is always available online. Nowhere will you find a more cordial, passionate and diverse group of arts professionals!

Each year's summer conference visits a different part of the country, attracting new members and opening the doors to some of the country's most distinguished historical venues. At other times during the year, you may find one of the League's special educational seminars just what you're looking for.

Looking for a new job, the latest publications, or a one-on-one personal consultation with one of your professional colleagues? These services and more are at your fingertips with membership in the League of Historic American Theatres - the best bargain you'll find anywhere!


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