LHAT Health Plan

LHAT Healthcare Plan

An Exclusive Plan Built for LHAT Members


Updated 10.13.2022

LHAT has partnered with World Insurance to craft a healthcare plan built exclusively for LHAT Theatre and Allied members.

Healthcare coverage is one of the most volatile costs for employers. With the LHAT Health Plan (LHAT-HP), LHAT members can minimize the costs and stress of finding and providing employees coverage. Through the LHAT-HP, you and your employees as well as their dependent family members are covered.

The  process is simple. To get a quote, have your employees fill out their health survey and our Concierge will let you know whether your existing plan or the LHAT-HP is a better option!

You cannot afford to shop from your current plan until you've priced out your LHAT-HP plan!

The LHAT Health Plan is a new member benefit:

  • Multiple plan designs make it easy for you to find the right fit for your theatre or organization
  • Level-funded plans leverage the organization's power to purchase healthcare benefits at competitive rates
  • Unlimited Major Medical Coverage for organizations of all sizes - groups of 1 to 1000+
  • A comprehensive network of doctors and pharmacies for complete coverage
  • Multiple plan designs make it easy to find the right fit for your organization - Review the Multiple Plan Comparisons PDF
  • An experienced team is always ready to provide expertise before and after you have chosen your plan
  • As long as your LHAT membership is in good standing, your organization is eligible to take advantage of this valuable benefit (email us (info@LHAT.org) if you aren't sure about your membership status).

How to Get Started:

  1. Click here to download and complete Census Form for all eligible employees.
  • Send the completed form to the World Health representatives at LHATHealthPlan@worldinsurance.com.
  • Once we have your completed Census Form, you can move to Step 2 or skip that step if you are not currently offering a healthcare plan to your employees.
  1. Gather your most recent invoice and current plan description.
  1. Complete the Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ).
  • If you have not done so already, please have all benefit-eligible employees* complete the PHQ. Copy and paste this link and send it to them. https://brokerplusgroup.myfor.ms/form-6248550/lhat-phq
  • We'll update you as forms come in until everyone on your Census Report has responded.
  • Even if you have an employee who doesn't plan to participate in your program (i.e. they get their insurance through a spouse or other source) have them fill out a PHQ and simply check the box at the beginning that says they are declining to participate.
  • Please note: You cannot enroll in the program until the questionnaires have been submitted.
  • Once all eligible employees have completed PHQ, group will be underwritten within three business days.

*Benefit-eligible employees are defined as employees who work on average of 30 hours or more per week. In New York that number is 20 hours per week or more.

  1. Review assigned rate tier and plan options with World Health representatives.
  • Choose the plan(s) that are right for your theatre or organization and get enrolled on the first of any month.
  • All paperwork must be completed by the 15th of the month preceding the effective date.

There is no obligation to participate and there is no cost to get a quote.  There really is no reason not to go through the steps to get a quote and see if we can make a healthcare plan that works for your organization.

Need Assistance?

For questions regarding benefits, rates, and enrollment assistance, please contact any of these World Insurance Associates representatives.

Terence Gorman
(732) 380-0900 ext. 162

Vincent Basciano
(973) 871-1512

Rachel Lachance
(860) 372-4155

Is Your Doctor Participating?

To help you make your decision, here are the currently participating doctors & hospitals for the plan options. If you can't find your provider, don't worry. This form may be out of date and/or one of the representatives listed above can invite them to join.  

Click here for the PPO Option

Click here for the Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Option