Historic Theatre Insurance Program

Historic Theatre Insurance Program
National Trust Insurance Services, LLC

As historic theatre owners and operators, we are all aware of our complex and unique exposures. The League prides itself on providing its members access to the resources needed to address these exposures and maintain the proper coverage. Whether you're an Emerging Theatre and currently renovating, or your theatre's been maintaining operations for years, there are certain aspects of your organization that you'll want to consider insuring.

Updated 07.15.2022

Emerging Theatres

If you are currently restoring your theatre, your property is your main focus. If the theatre is currently vacant, you want to insure the vacant building accordingly. Vacant Building coverage is not the same as a standard property policy. It provides special coverage during a period of time while the property is unoccupied and covers your property from vandalism, damage, and loss that may occur while vacant.

If the building is being renovated, a Builder's Risk policy is needed during all phases of construction. This coverage insures the building while it's under construction as well as any materials, fixtures, and/or equipment being used in the renovation of the building.

Once the renovations are completed, a comprehensive historic property policy will take over the coverage for the property and insure all the hard work and money that was put into the historic theatre.

Operational Theatres

Fully functioning theatres have several insurance considerations;

  • Historic Property coverage insures the cost to repair the building with the same materials, workmanship, and architectural features, used for the same purpose, without deduction for depreciation.
  • General Liability protects the organization from third-party claims such as bodily injury to a theatre patron.
  • Liquor Liability protects the theatre in regards to alcohol being served on premises.
  • Directors and Officers coverage protects the board members and employees against claims of mismanagement of the theatre.
  • Umbrella Liability extends the underlying limits of liability to provide enhanced protection.

This information is offered through the League's partnership with MDP Programs. MDP Programs, administered through Maury, Donnelly, & Parr, Inc., an independent insurance agency located in Baltimore, MD. MDP Programs has the ability to provide insurance packages specifically designed for Historic Theatres. In the event of a loss, this specialized coverage will enable historic theatre owners the ability to restore their properties to their original splendor. MDP Programs has various specialized programs including National Trust Insurance Services, which as a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, focuses on historic properties and preservation organizations; Arts and Entertainment, which specializes in entertainment groups and touring productions; and MDP Marine which specializes in commercial maritime insurance.

With the flexibility to offer customized insurance packages, not only for the fully restored theatre, but also for the theatre undergoing restoration, MDP Programs can serve as a resource to established historic theatres, emerging theatres, and ones in transition.

This program works closely with historic theatre managers, helping to identify your theatre's unique insurance needs. Our representatives will work with you to find ways of reducing your risks and providing better coverage at more competitive rates.

A health benefits plan is also available. Service providers and suppliers may also take advantage of coverage offered by MDP for their office buildings and employees.

For more information on the insurance products and services available through the Historic Theatre Insurance Program as well as any of the specialized programs offered, click here or call us at (866) 269-0944.