Wallace, Carol

League of Historic American Theatres Board Director

Carol Wallace

Carol Wallace

President & CEO
San Diego Theatres, Inc.
San Diego, CA
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Carol Wallace is the president and CEO of San Diego Theatres, Inc. San Diego Theatres is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit public benefit corporation which manages, operates, and markets the San Diego Civic Theatre and the historic Balboa Theatre under long-term leases with the City of San Diego. The Civic Theatre and the Balboa Theatre are the performing homes of Broadway San Diego, the San Diego Opera, and California Ballet. With an annual budget of approximately $8.1 million, San Diego Theatres welcomes over 500,000 patrons annually.

Previously, Ms. Wallace served as president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation, where she led the bayside facility for over 24 years. She was responsible for the overall management, marketing and operation of the facility, oversaw a full-time and part-time staff of more than 550 and an annual budget that exceeded $33 million. Under her leadership, the San Diego Convention Center became one of the most successful facilities in the nation and a model for other U.S. cities.