Theatre Membership

Theatre Membership

The League defines a membership eligible historic theatre as one that is at least 50 years old and includes at least one of the following attributes: is an architecturally significant structure deemed worthy of preservation, has played an important role in the history of American stage and screen, and/or can be used as a performing arts facility. Theatres younger than 50 years old but possessing one or more of these attributes who wish to join are also considered. An official historic marker or designation is not required to join.

2022 Dues based on Theatre's Total Annual Expenses at YE 2019

For nonprofits, reference line 18 of most recent IRS form 990.
For multiple venues, total annual expenses of all theatres.

Level 1: Operating theatre - total ann'l expenses $5M+ $1,250
Level 2: Operating theatre - total ann'l expenses $3M-$5M $950
Level 3: Operating theatre - total ann'l expenses $1M-$3M $625
Level 4: Operating theatre - total ann'l expenses $300K-$1M $500
Level 5: Operating theatre - total ann'l expenses < $300K $400
Level 6: "Emerging" theatre, theatres NOT operating for many years $325

Please note...

  • NEW membership terms begin immediately. After 5/31/22, NEW memberships will be prorated to cover the remaining months of 2022 and the beginning months of 2023. Renewal payment for 2023 will be due one year from your initial start date and will be only for those months in 2023 not covered by the initial payment.


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Theatre Membership Benefits

  • Belong to a growing network of more than 300 historic theatres across North America.
  • Access hundreds of professionals with extensive knowledge, experience and wisdom in historic theatre rescue, rehabilitation, operations and sustainability.
  • One membership benefits your entire organization, not just one individual. As many staff and/or board members as you designate may access online resources.
  • Share resources, information and advice online with 400+ peers through the LHAT-CHAT NETWORK, a customized online community where members interact and collaborate to discuss innovative ideas, opportunities and challenges historic theatres face.
  • Online Theatre Resources - archived articles, conference and seminar presentations and handouts, member survey results, sample manuals, agreements, templates, job descriptions and much more!
  • Free, on-demand webinars.
  • Eligibility for League programs such as:
    - Peer Advisory Review (PAR) Program
    - Awards Program
    - Historic Theatre Insurance Program
    - Online Job Bank
  • Discounted prices for LHAT events, programs and services, like the Annual Conference, Regional Conferences, and advertising in LHAT publications and on LHAT website.
  • Subscription to inLEAGUE - the only publication focused on best practices, tools, techniques and technologies required to sustain historic theatres (published online several times per year; printed 1-2 times per a year; archived online).
  • Online Membership Directory - information about hundreds of historic theatre colleagues and experts in the field.
  • Secure Online Server for easy online membership renewal, event registration, merchandise purchases.
  • Personalized service from and free database searches by the LHAT Staff.