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We are no longer accepting nominations for LHAT's 2022 Awards for Outstanding Historic Theatre and Outstanding Individual Contribution
(the deadline was April 13) .

The 2022 awards recipients will be announced during the 46th National Conference in Cleveland, on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

LHAT Award Statue

The League's Awards Program inspires excellence by recognizing theatres and individuals for their significant accomplishments or distinguished service to our field. There are two Annual awards presented at the National Conference:

  • The Outstanding Historic Theatre Award recognizes a theatre that demonstrates excellence through its community impact, quality of programs and services, and quality of the restoration or rehabilitation of its historic structure. An award-winning theatre will have demonstrated excellence through significant achievement, the impact of its services and breadth of populations served, and the length of time and/or intensity of its activities.
  • The Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution recognizes an individual who demonstrates vision, dedication, selflessness and excellence through his or her contribution to historic theatres and their communities as a volunteer, board member, patron, donor, service provider, staff member or historic theatre advocate-at-large. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated excellence through his or her significant contributions, the impact of his or her services and breadth of populations served, and the length of time and/or intensity of contributions that benefit the field of historic theatres.

In addition to the two annual awards, LHAT also presents The Marquee Award which recognizes exemplary artists whose names have lit up the marquees of America's historic theatres. The Marquee Award is also presented at the national conference but not necessarily annually.

On July 14, 2019, at Philadelphia 201 Hotel during the League's 43rd Annual Conference in Philadelphia, the League of Historic American Theatres celebrated excellence in the field of historic theatres. Read the full press release here.

2019 Awards Recipients

2019 Awards for Excellence Winners

2019 Outstanding Historic Theatre Award

was awarded to


Chicago, IL

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2019 Outstanding Individual Contribution Award

was awarded to


Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

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Past Awards Winners

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Theatres, Individuals, and Marquee Awards

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