Assistant Technical Director, Assistant Lighting Design, Head Electrician, Lighting Console Operator

The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse - Cocoa, FL


  • Work under the supervision of the Lighting Designer to implement Playhouse lighting and video designs.
  • Service and Maintain the Playhouse stage lighting system as needed.
  • Operate the lighting console for Playhouse productions and incoming productions.
  • Manage, schedule and oversee the show technical running team.

Creative and Technical Production Team support duties and responsibilities:

  • Turning on and off of the stage lighting/video systems for rehearsals and shows.
  • Lamp and system checks before each rehearsal/show, changing lamps as needed.
  • Regular Operation of lighting system and show ques during rehearsals and shows.
  • Maintenance and repair of production equipment, including ordering replacement parts and Lamps.
  • Scheduling and overseeing the show running team.
  • Assistance with Production Lighting designs.
  • Focus, cabling, gelling, and installation of show specific lighting.
  • “Tech week” support to Lighting & Video Designer and Tech team, including late and overnight programming assistance, rehearsal note taking and technical troubleshooting.
  • Oversee Followspot plot and implementation in collaboration with LD.
  • Materials and equipment shopping as requested by Lighting designer.
  • Design-relief in Collaboration with the secondary Lighting Designer and lighting operation for “Spotlight Series" shows for Lighting designer as needed.
  • Locking and securing of building after performances.
  • Rigging and Hanging support to scenic team when needed including Flyloft operation.
  • Assist with scenic carpentry, construction, and striking as needed.
  • Assist with scenic and prop transportation, including driving rental trucks as needed
  • Maintenance of safe, efficient, and orderly work environment, which can include keeping all walkways and egresses clear, work and emergency lights in good operation, and safe storage of all equipment, instruments, materials, props, and scenic pieces.
  • Other duties as requested by Lighting Designer or Executive Director.

Additional Desirable Skills:

  • Familiarization with Vari*Lite and Grand
  • Musician / Musical Background
  • Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and Sketchup 3D Design Software.

Please submit resume and cover letter to:

The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse
cc: Ian Cook
300 Brevard Ave.
Cocoa, FL 32922

or email Ian@CocoaVillagePlayhouse.com

No phone Calls please.

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