Programs and Services

Academy of Music, Lynchburg, VA -
Academy of Music, Lynchburg, VA

The League’s Programs and Services are designed to provide opportunities for historic theatres to learn how to:

  • Improve their theatres
  • Improve their businesses, and
  • Improve their communities

Dedicated to sustaining America's historic theatres, the League has been making a strategic transition from an organization best known for a membership that helps save historic theatres to a membership increasingly concerned with the tools, techniques and technologies of sustaining historic theatres at the hearts of their communities. The League is shifting its focus in order to better sustain the field and assist emerging theatres.

The nation's number one online theatre reference service - The LHAT-CHAT Network (members only, private, custom online community) - is a source of innovative ideas on a seemingly endless array of issues historic theatres face on a daily basis. Many members say having access to the information they gain from talking directly with their peers is worth the price of membership alone! Historic American theatres are successful survivors. Their longevity is due to managements who constantly adapt their programming, operations and facilities to remain relevant to the communities who embrace them. The key benefit of membership is having access to a national network of resources and practitioners, professionals with extensive knowledge, experience and wisdom. Through research, experience and peer exchanges, League members share resources and information for improving their theatres, their businesses and their communities. (View a list of LHAT member theatres.)

Through years of developing and evaluating member programs and benefits, LHAT knows “one size does not fit all” when it comes to serving our diverse membership. Evidenced by the success of the LHAT-CHAT , there are key issues that interest all of our members; however, distinct issues exist that are critical to different segments within the membership as well.

The LHAT-CHAT Network, which debuted in December 2011, allows Theatre and Allied members to communicate with each other online to offer support and advice on a regular basis as they did through our former listserv, but it also allows members to identify their own specific areas of interest and expertise and, eventually, will allow them to create their own unique communities based on relevant topic areas and individual and theatre-related demographics.

Similar to popular social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, the new Network gives members the power to share their experiences and knowledge with their peers. It allows members to participate in discussions, to share documents and to save, rank and recommend all types of web-based resources.

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Access to some services is available to members only, including:

  • The LHAT-CHAT Network, including current and past discussions resource library.
  • Online resources, such as handouts and presentations from past conferences and forums, articles from past publications, sample theatre job descriptions, policies and manuals, etc.
  • The Online Member Directory, which includes information about the service provider and supplier members who specialize in historic theatres, as well as demographics about each of our member theatres.
  • Listing in our Online Theatre Inventory with direct links to member theatres' websites.

Members also receive discounts on LHAT's professional development and networking offerings, including registration fees for the Annual Conference and Theatre Tour and other programs. Some League programs and services are available to both members and nonmembers, with higher rates for nonmembers.

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