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City of Palm Springs / Plaza Theatre
Jay Virata, Palm Springs, CA
Built: 1936   Seats: 809
Operating: No, will present film & live events
Rehab Status: Planned
Owner: City of Palm Springs
Architectural Dimensions
Mr. James Heilbronner, Oakland, CA
  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Analysis
Grand Prospect Hall
Michael Halkias, Brooklyn, NY
Built: 1892   Seats: 2,000
Operating: Yes, rentals
Rehab Status: Planned, 2020
Owner: Nonprofit   Operator: Sole Proprietor
BAS Archdesign, Inc.
Katerina Spilio, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  • Art Restoration/Conservation
  • Decorative Painting
  • Plasterwork
Heart Theatre
Amy Van Bergen, Effingham, IL
Built: 1940   Seats: 275
Operating: No
Rehab Status: Planned
DonorPerfect/SofterWare, Inc.
Darryl Moser, Fort Washington, PA
  • Fundraising
  • Donor Relationships
  • Financial Services
Historic North Theatre
Wayne Alan, Danville, VA
Built: 1947   Seats: 500
Operating: Yes, presenting film & live events; rentals; resident company
Rehab Status: Restored, 2005
Owner/Operator: Sole Proprietor
OTJ Architects
Gary Martinez, FAIA, Washington, DC
  • Restoration & Adaptive Reuse
  • Design
  • Planning
Maiden Alley Cinema / Columbia Theatre
Landee Woodruff Bryant-Greene, Paducah, KY
Built: 1926   Seats: 1,200
Operating: Yes, limited basis
Rehab Status: Planned
Owner/Operator: Nonprofit
Voith & Mactavish Architects LLP
Meaghan Finney, Philadelphia, PA
  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Interior Design
Norwalk Arts Center
Vanessa Cook, Norwalk, OH
Built: 1941   Seats: 924
Operating: No, will present film & live events; produce live events; rentals
Owner/Operator: Nonprofit
Renew Theaters
Chris Collier, Doylestown, PA
Member Theatres:
Ambler Theatre, Ambler, PA
Built: 1928   Seats: 540
Rehab Status: Restored, 2007
County Theater, Doylestown, PA
Built: 1938   Seats: 277
Rehab Status: Restored, 2009
Hiway Theater, Jenkintown, PA
Built: 1936   Seats: 330
Rehab Status: Restored, 2006
Princeton Garden Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Built: 1920   Seats: 500
Rehab Status: Restored, 2001
Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) - SIFF Cinema Egyptian & SIFF Cinema Uptown
Amy Fulford, Seattle, WA
Operating: Yes, presenting film & live events; rentals
Owner/Operator: Nonprofit

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