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LHAT Members are Talking  . . . on the LHAT-CHAT Network

Here's just a small overview of what LHAT members are discussing on LHAT's cutting-edge, customized online community:

  • Using pyrotechnics in theatres 
  • Pros/Cons of historic status
  • Donor management software 
  • DCI projector financing 
  • Transitioning individual ownership to nonprofit
  • Live event concession revenue 
  • Licensing for special events 
  • Marquee updates 
  • Ticketing software 
  • Organizational Charts 
  • Induction Hearing Loop 
  • Digital signage in lobbies
  • Selling pre-film advertising
  • Employee time clocks 
  • Operating projections for Start-up
  • Working with booking agents 

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  • Charline McCombs Empire Theatre - San Antonio, TX