Smith, Lynne King

Lynne King Smith

Lynne King Smith

Gilbert, AZ
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Lynne King Smith, CEO of TicketForce, co-founded the firm in 2003 and manages its daily operations, marketing, and online presence. She frequently represents the company at conferences across many markets.

As a small business leader, she brings a common sense approach to marketing and creative fundraising (her degree is Business with an E-business concentration), business plans, marketing plans (market analysis, penetration, and expansion), strategic and operational planning, needs assessment, market intelligence, non-profit board leadership (including budgeting), direct mail for non-profit fundraising, email marketing, social media, web sites, and inspiring people.

Lynne is an active participant and sponsor of LHAT Conferences, enjoying the interaction with people who love both theatre and community. She is especially inspired by historic theatres whose restoration has affected an entire community and brought people back to areas in need of revitalization. She believes that bringing theatres back to life is about much more than the physical restoration of a building (though that's a beautiful process in itself as few modern buildings are constructed with such detail). She will contribute her enthusiasm for LHAT to the many theatres she meets who are not yet involved in LHAT.

Lynne loves to share ideas about using technology and to get people excited about what they can do. Lynne is a writer, blogger (her blog, The Whole Business, is a casual conversation on life and business), and lover of social media. She helped found and run the communications for a non-profit organization YouthForce from 1996-2002 and worked as a senior writer for national non-profits such as the American Red Cross for ten years.

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